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Who are we?

HNI (Healthy Neighbors International) consists of a growing group of individuals with the passion to see impoverished villages around the world transformed into healthy neighborhoods.

HNI accomplishes this by adopting a village and providing a number of initiatives aimed at improving the health of those living there.  These initiatives include yearly medical mission trips, partnership with in-country providers and nursing schools, education on improving healthy living, the funding of necessary medication and specialist follow-up visits, and the availabilty of smokeless stoves for cooking.

HNI mission trips provide opportunities for medical professionals and other volunteers to experience the life changing effects of serving in the mission field.  We encourage medical providers to bring a family member with them.  We have found that sharing this week-long trip together enhances the experience and provides a memory that will last a lifetime.

Keys to our success!

HNI (Healthy Neighbors International) must continue to expand the size of our neighborhood in order to accomplish the desired transformation in the villages we have adopted. 

HNI has already increased the size of the trip team membership each year and anticipates the need to expand the number trips in the near future to accommodate the growing interest.  We are continually seeking medical professionals and other volunteers who have a desire to donate a week of their time to serve individuals they have never met.  The initial assessments and education provided by these teams are the key to developing healthy neighborhoods

As the program grows, so do the number of lives we have the opportunity to impact.  This results in the need to increase the amount of funds available to HNI for the continued care of our patients even after the team has left.  This continuity of care is the key to sustaining healthy neighborhoods.

Please consider joining our neighborhood through volunteering for a mission trip or or supporting us financially.  Your generosity will generate great rewards.  Click HERE to learn more about both opportunities.