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Our Vision

Healthy Neighbors International was formed to promote the delivery of health care, education, and related support to the communities we serve around the world.  We began through a yearly trip to Nicaragua to visit under-served communities to provide medical care.  Out of those trips, a core group of individuals developed the passion to provide continuity of care to the people we were seeing.  Our long range goal is to improve the continuity of care through the following courses of action:

  • Annual or bi-annual trips to the communities we partner with to see patients and assess health and follow-up.
  • Financial support for medication and follow up visits with a local physician.
  • Partnership with primary care providers around the communities we serve
  • Partnership with a local nursing school to provide students with an opportunity to receive hands on education while caring for the members of the communities we serve.
  • Education programs to improve the understanding of health related issues found in their community
  • Formulation of freestanding clinics to help facilitate some of the above activities
  • Initiatives such as clean air, clean water, diet and nutrition to promote healthy living

Healthy Neighbors International desires to become long term health partners with the communities we serve and in doing so improve the lives of many along the way